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we love shopping, we love retailers, and we love delivering joy.


About DotDot

Shoppers in 2023 share the benefits of being able to shop from pretty much anywhere in the world, yet our retail roots stem firmly from shopping at local retailers that we trust. enables loyal shoppers and trusted retailers to meet online, within the same community, but also across communities. We’ve put together an ecommerce hub to connect buyers and sellers who might not have crossed paths in the offline world.

Shoppers get to shop from local malls AND from malls in other parts of the country. What’s more interesting, they get to discover independent retailers at the same time. therefore expands consumers’ shopping baskets to include goods and services from trusted stores and service providers that were previously unavailable online.

Retailers get to expand their markets beyond their local catchment area and thanks to, they don’t need to be ecommerce experts. takes care of everything ecommerce and allows the retailer to focus on making high quality products available to their existing and expanding customer base.

At, we aim to always provide prompt and consistent support to our community of retailers and consumers. We believe that customers and creators deserve to be treated with care, and that digital does not have to mean impersonal.

For the Shopper in You

At we thrive on delivering joy. We want our customers to have amazing shopping experiences leading up to the joy of unboxing a new purchase, and then enjoying the satisfying feeling that an excellent quality product or service delivers.

For, an amazing shopping experience begins with choice. We are constantly on the hunt for retailers to join us and expand the selection of excellent quality products. As our retail community grows, so does the availability of products and this allows our customers to have access to variety, sizes, colours, models and all the other benefits that a shared retail community brings. By putting retailers from all regions online, customers enjoy the benefits of finding their favourite product locally with quick delivery or being able to source it from another region seamlessly. Either way, waiting is kept to a minimum! We take quality seriously and constant reviewing and rating of products by and consumers alike allow us to ensure that our retailers offer the best quality vs price balance.

Your next dose of joy awaits you here. Happy shopping!

For the Retailer

Our project begins with a set of convictions. We believe South Africa is home to incredible people who can do incredible things. We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit, and that brilliant businesses deserve to compete in the online marketplace irrespective of size, resource, and agility.

The Team believes that we are business enablers and that we play a vital role in enabling our partners to explore and thrive in an expanding ecommerce world. The ecommerce economy is not short on willpower or creativity. It’s just short on access, and that’s not ideal. We want to make it as simple as possible for businesses to get a hold of people who want their products - but don’t know it yet. enables our business partners to trade online in a shared marketplace.  markets and sells our business partners’ products and services on the ecommerce website, and mobile applications. services also include ecommerce associated logistics, payment collections, marketing strategy and technology enablement. We connect retailers and service providers not only with customers, but also to the tools they need to thrive in the world of ecommerce. helps companies compete online without the exorbitant costs of starting up their own ecommerce routes to market. However, we also help companies that already trade online to supplement their existing channels.

If you’re a retailer or service provider and you’d like to explore options with us, head over here