Returns Policy

Returns and Exchange Policy

At DotDot, we aim to deliver joy to our customers, so if you are not completely satisfied with your order, then neither are we.

Please contact us within 7 days of receiving your merchandise and we will be happy to find a solution together.  

Returns may be logged in any of the following ways.

Go to your order history and click the return button.
Using the– Contact Form
Email at
WhatsApp 064 966 4733
Call us on 0861 017 457

Dot Note: All returns logged are subject to inspection and final approval by DotDot’s Retail Clients (The Retailer/s).

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Conditions Under Which Products Are Eligible for Return.

Provided that the General Conditions of Return have been met, products may be returned for a full refund if:

  1. The product delivered is not the product that was ordered.
  2. The product delivered is missing parts or accessories, which should have been included, as per the description.
  3. The product delivered is damaged.
  4. The customer decides that the product is unsuitable for their needs.

In the case of 1.1.1, 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 the customer may opt to have the product replaced at no additional cost, instead of a refund. DotDot and its retailers prefer this method of resolution.

General Conditions of Return

2.1 Return requests must be logged within 7 days of receiving delivery. Parcels that are delivered with visible damage must be reported immediately and preferably before the driver leaves the delivery premises.
2.2 Final approval of all returns logged on DotDot are subject to inspection and approval by DotDot’s Retail Clients (The Retailer/s).
Dot Yay: Participating Retailers (Click to a list) allow in-store returns.
2.3 Total Processing time varies from 48 hours to 7 working days based on the complexity of the returns request. Customers will be kept informed through every step of the process.
2.4 Each product on the DotDot shopping page lists the basic returns conditions for that specific item. Shoppers may refer to these before finalising their purchases.
2.5 DotDot will refund the price paid for products purchased, provided that the goods are still sealed, unused, undamaged and in their original packaging. All accessories and parts must be included.
2.6 Goods for return upliftment must be protected with outer packaging, similar to that provided upon delivery. All relevant tracking numbers must be noted by the customer on the outer protective packaging and not on the product itself or on the original product packaging.
2.7 If returned goods are not sealed or in the original undamaged packaging, the retailer may deduct a reasonable amount from the refund for the use of the goods or for restoration costs to render the goods fit for re-stocking. These costs will be communicated to customers before a refund is finalised.
2.8 Where a return upliftment is required, the customer is informed and must adhere to the uplift conditions. The retailer may opt to inspect a return-request product at the delivered premises instead of approving an upliftment.
2.9 The customer does not generally pay for the costs of upliftment. However, if an upliftment cannot be performed due to the customer’s action or lack thereof, after reasonable attempts by DotDot to perform the collection, the cost of the final uplift may be charged to the customer.
2.10 All relevant financial transactions are performed upon final receipt, inspection, and approval by the Retailer.
2.11 If the specified returns conditions are not fully met, DotDot and the Retailer reserves the right to reject a returns claim.
2.12 Customers are encouraged to support claims with pictures, especially for damaged and defective products.
2.13 We regret that some products may not be returned due to the specific nature of the product or policies of the retailer. See section 5 for more detail.

3 Product Returns on Gift Vouchers, Coupons, Rewards Points, Discount Codes.

3.1 Where a Gift Voucher, Coupon or Rewards Points are used in a purchase and the purchase is authorised for refund, the value of the Gift Voucher, Coupon or Rewards Points will only be replaced or refunded in the form that it was originally used. In the instance where such refund is not possible in the format used, a DotDot Gift Voucher will be issued
3.2 Replacement Gift Vouchers, Coupons or Rewards Points may not be eligible for use on specified products or sales
3.3 Discount Codes may be used once only and are not eligible for refund under any circumstances

4 Warrantees, Guarantees and After Sales Services.

4.1 All warrantees, guarantees and after sales services are supported by the Retailers and not directly with DotDot.
4.2 DotDot may facilitate a warrantee, guarantee or after sales service request by connecting the Retailer and Customer and /or by assisting with any required information related to the services rendered by DotDot.
4.3 Such warrantee, guarantee or after sales service requests may be logged by contacting participating retailers directly or by contacting DotDot Customer Care. 0861 017 457 Following the support offered in 4.2 DotDot may facilitate further processes such as upliftment, but only at the request of the retailer. The retailer may opt to conclude a matter directly with a customer by closing the request with DotDot. Notification of such action will be communicated to customers accordingly.
4.4 Retailers will honor manufacturer warrantees, guarantees subject to the relevant terms and conditions of such being met by customers. Customers may consult directly with retailers for more details of such warrantees, guarantees and after sales services.
4.5 Refunds may only be processed to the account and format that was used to conclude the purchase. Example, if a credit card was used for a purchase, the refund will only be credited to the credit card account used. However, the customer may opt to request a gift voucher instead. For purchases where the customer’s payment was not immediate, refunds will only be processed after original payment has been received in full.

5 Products Not Eligible for Return or Refund

5.1 All returns requests are subject to approval by the Retailers and to the customer meeting the specified terms and conditions.
5.2 Customised and personalised products made to customer specifications may only be returned if they are defective and not in instances where the customer does not require the product anymore. Such returns requests may be logged and are subject to approval by the retailer.
5.3 Flat-pack furniture that has been assembled by the customer may not be returned except in the event of a manufacturer defect and will be inspected pre return in the event of a potential manufacturing fault.
5.4 Licensed software and games may not be returned or refunded due to copyright law.
5.5 Discount Codes are not eligible for refund under any circumstances. 5.6 Other Items not eligible for refund include, but are not limited to:
5.6.1 Pre-paid cards, Digital or Physical Vouchers and Coupons.
5.6.2 Delivery and/or installation costs.
5.6.3 Any damaged or abused items.
5.6.4 Nursing or maternity and infant feeding products, breast pumps, bottles, teats, soothers, pacifiers, formula, maternity underwear, nappies and wipes.
5.6.5 Intimate products, lingerie, swimwear, bodysuits or underwear.
5.6.6 Piercing jewellery and adult toys.
5.6.7 Toiletries, personal beauty products or fragrances.
5.6.8 Foodstuff, beverages, or other products intended for consumption.
5.6.9 TV Licensing (This needs to be processed with the SABC).
5.6.10 Any other specified non-returnable/ non-refundable items.
5.7 Claims related to a defective product where the product is not defective according to the guidelines below are not eligible for refund. A defect is a material imperfection in the manufacture of a product, or any characteristic of a product, which renders the product quality lower than its intended design quality, within reasonable limits. The following are therefore not regarded as defects and cannot be returned based on claims related to a defective product.
5.7.1 Faults resulting from normal wear and tear.
5.7.2 Damage arising from negligence, user abuse or incorrect usage of the product.
5.7.3 Damage arising from electrical surges or sea air corrosion.
5.7.4 Damage arising from a failure to adequately care for the product.
5.7.5 Damage arising from unauthorised alterations or repairs to the product.
5.7.6 Where the specifications of a product, although accurately described on the Website and generally fit for its intended purpose, does not met the customer’s requirement.
5.7.7 Where the manufacturer’s documentation, packaging and website state warranty terms, conditions and exclusions specifically related to the claimed defect.

Returns may be logged in any of the following ways.

• Go to your order history and click on the return button
• Using the Contact Form
•Email us at
• WhatsApp 064 966 4733
• Call us on 0861 017 457