A True Story of my Butterflies: My Journey into Motherhood By Pebetsi Makgalemele Charnley

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I passionately believe that the old saying – everyone has a book inside them – is true...

A true story to inspire all those suffering fertility challenges from someone who has lost not just one child.

Understanding grief, pain, and suffering is difficult to comprehend if it has never been experienced. In this emotionally raw account of events involving infertility, our author takes you on a journey of triumph as she conquers the worst possible trials she has lived through. Losing one child is unbearable, but losing more is enough to send anyone over the edge. With the hopes of inspiring those who face adversity every day, this author encourages you to never give up. Especially when the end seems so plausible, there is always a better one. All that is required of you is to not give up. Instead, focus on the little moments of gratitude life reveals, and hold onto it with everything you have left. Things may seem like it will never get better, but you will in time. Each day you push through, creates a better version of you. (Over 200 copies sold and counting)

Beyond The Vale Publishing
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