Invisible Fingers by Hugh C.N. Miller

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I passionately believe that the old saying – everyone has a book inside them – is true...

Rebecca, a 13-year-old girl, and abortion survivor, discovers she is not completely human, but part machine. Her toughest choice lies ahead as she befriends an artificially intelligent android, possibly her only hope for survival. Rebecca ultimately must choose between being human or machine, being defiant or to surrender.

She holds a formula within her so powerful it could change the destiny of the entire human race with a dark secret buried in a robotic facility situated in the Great Karoo, South Africa, that could not just unlock her mysterious past and unravel the lies of her childhood but threaten the relationship with her mother. When the resistance called ‘Truth’ discovers a transhuman plot to destroy humanity’s freedom, they must find out what makes Rebecca dangerous before it's too late. A secret that could help her protect humanity from digital slavery and find her purpose...or it might destroy her and everyone she loves.

In her struggle for answers, she needs to learn the sacrifices mothers make for their daughters and the meaning of unconditional love.

Beyond The Vale Publishing
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