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Perfect gift for a special woman in your life or gift for yourself. An evoked prestige!

This wallet uses only vegetable tanned leather. One of the few prehistoric tanning techniques. Our ancestors first utilised the process some 5,000 years ago in Summer (modern-day Iraq and Kuwait).

Vegetable tanned leather, in particular, is renowned for its robustness and strength — if appropriately cared for, it could last longer than a lifetime.

Aside from durability, the vegetable tanning process also gives leather a distinct, somewhat sweet aroma — the kind you probably already associate with leather.

Because vegetable tanning requires no synthetic coatings, the leather is allowed to ‘breathe’. As a result, it’s able to absorb moisture and oils, and go on to form a ‘patina’. In the world of leather, patina is an indicator of quality and aesthetic beauty, something that enhances the perceived value of a leather product.

For these reasons, vegetable tanned leather is much championed by leather connoisseurs, skilled artisans. Globally, approximately only 10% of all leather is vegetable tanned.

Part of the joy in owning, say, a vegetable tanned leather wallet, is also the sense of prestige that it evokes. Knowing that the leather has been painstakingly produced by expert artisans — who rely heavily on centuries-old techniques — is something to celebrate.

Lastly, vegetable tanning is the most environmentally-friendly method of leather production.

This wallet is designed in RSA. 

Length 19.5 cm x width 9.5 cm x Height 2 cm

This product has a full range of colour:

Black, yellow, turquoise, navy blue, red, green, chestnut, waxy brown, sky blue, lavender, waxy tan, grey

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